FAQs about DNRS for people dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses (CIRS, Food Intolerances, IBS, Lyme, Fatigue, and much more)


Dear everyone dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses,

There is hope.

You do not need to be sick forever and ever.

There is a way out and it is available to you.

The way out that I offer you today is through a program called The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, and it has helped me and thousands of others regain their health and quality of life!

For 13 years I dealt with with chronic and debilitating mystery illnesses, met with 45 medical practitioners, visited multiple large clinics, spent over $150,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, ate just a handful of foods, left my home and everything in it in order to avoid mold, moved to a pristine area across the country, and still was not well. I was very very not well. I was homebound most of the time and was most definitely not thriving!

I was introduced to DNRS, The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, in April 2016 through my doctor at The Cleveland Clinic and the rest is history!

Over the past year I have been implementing the DNRS program daily and have witnessed profound results in my health and quality of life! Here is a blog post documenting some of the strides I made with adding foods to my diet through practicing DNRS:

Read the “Carrying Sheaves” post here.

Many people have emailed me questions about DNRS, asking if it might work for them. Below I have answered some frequently asked questions that I have received about DNRS. I offer these questions and answers to you as a platform from where you may discern if DNRS is right for you.

Let’s get started!


FAQs regarding DNRS for people dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses:

1. I am very sick with CIRS, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, severe food intolerances, etc. Can DNRS help me?

YES.  Please click here to see what illnesses DNRS treats.  Even if you are dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, DNRS can help! Isn’t that great news?

2. I have a lot of hesitation to start another program. Do you think DNRS is worth investing in?

Personally, I have seen so much of my life restored over the past year. There are many people who have experienced the same thing through the DNRS program. Just go to YouTube and check out the DNRS testimonials there. Here are a couple of inspirational DNRS recovery stories for you to start with:

Jessica’s Story

Riley’s Story

3. Can I recover just by using the DVD program, or do I need to go to an in-person seminar?

My recovery came through the DVD program (there is now a streamable/downloadable version! Click here to learn more about it). Some people do the DVD program in addition to the in-person program, and some people just go to the in-person program.

4. Have you been to an in-person DNRS seminar?

Yes. I was able to be a guest speaker at a DNRS seminar this past fall and share my recovery story. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how the DVD and the in-person experiences are similar and different. With the in-person seminar, you get to meet other people who are learning to rewire their brains and that can be an additional benefit to your DNRS journey. It is not necessary, however.

5. I feel so alone. My husband/wife is not on board with me doing DNRS. Like me, they feel afraid that it won’t work, just like all of the other protocols I have done.

This is very common. It is hard to hope when you have been dealing with a chronic illness for so long. It is hard for partners and spouses to have hope too. Take heart. Once you start the program and start to see results, the people around you will notice as well. That will be evidence enough for them that this program works. Be brave and take steps to heal yourself, as this is the most loving thing you can do for another person.

Additionally, when you start the DNRS program, get involved on their online forum, which is a wonderful and encouraging community of DNRS brain retrainers who can be a new community for you. You are not alone. There is a lot of support out there for you. Also, book some coaching sessions and get some one on one help with your DNRS retraining! That was hugely beneficial for me during my retraining.

6. I am still very afraid to start a new program.

It is important to remember that when you are dealing with limbic system dysfunction, your brain is currently stuck in a fight-or-flight mode of processing information, and that leads to a lot of fear. Once you start the program and your limbic system starts to calm down, you will notice much less fear in your thinking patterns.

7. Where do I sign up for the DVDs or a seminar?

Click here to order the downloadable training seminar, or to sign up for an in-person DNRS seminar. 

Click here to order the DVDs. You can also sign up for the in-person seminar from this link.

8. It looks expensive. The DVD set/downloadable program starts at 250 dollars and the seminars are close to 3,000 dollars. Is it worth it?

Think of all of the money you are investing in other treatments right now. At one point, I was taking over $1,500 worth of supplements per month, plus living a life of extreme avoidance on the other side of the country from my home. I also had regular, very expensive doctors visits that I was paying for out of pocket. That is no longer the case. I take a few everyday supplements that healthy people normally take, and I see my doctor for regular checkups like a normal person. I no longer need to funnel all of my money into medications, supplements, avoidance strategies, or doctor visits. It was worth every penny to do the program, because I got my life back!

9. I can’t travel to a DNRS seminar because I am too sick. Can I start with the DVDs and when I have improved enough to travel can I go to a seminar?

Absolutely. Many people do that. It can be beneficial to go through the program in both ways, as it can solidify what you are trying to learn.

10. How much time will I need to invest each day in the program?

You will do an hour of DNRS practice daily until you are fully recovered. Recovery periods vary between individuals. The DNRS commitment is six months, and you can continue to do the program as long as you need to after the initial six months are completed. I have been doing DNRS for a year now and continue to see recovery every day.

11. Did extreme avoidance strategies work for you? (avoidance of mold, certain foods, people who wear perfumes, toxins, certain buildings, etc.)

No. Not until DNRS did I start to recover my health. Extreme avoidance strengthens unhealthy neural pathways and leads to more avoidance, fear, and isolation, rather than vitality and participation in life activities. DNRS helps you to rewire your brain so that it does not react to mold, foods, toxins, etc. like it did before, and you can live a normal life. Think about it: a normal life. 


I no longer respond to inquiries related to mold avoidance as that was not the path that helped me recover my health. If you have any questions related to the DNRS program, please contact The Dynamic Neural Retraining System website, or call their General Inquiries line at 1-800-947-9389.

The DNRS website also has a FAQ page. Click here to visit their FAQ page.





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  1. Hi there. 12 years of severe CFS and I’m about to go down the CIRS path. I understand you have moved on from that and healed using DNRS. I would really love to know if your markers that gave you the CIRS diagnosis, have now gone/normalised. Whatever tests you originally did, are they normal now? Do you think that any of your CIRS treatment helped to give you success with the DNRS? I’m genuinely asking because I can’t afford to go down the wrong rabbit hole, again. I don’t quite understand how DNRS or any of the brain retraining methods work if you have genuine toxicity inside you.


    • Hello, Yana. This is a very common question for people as they consider whether DNRS may help them regain their health. This topic (toxicity) is addressed in both the DNRS DVDs and at the in-person seminars. In short, many people who recover their health through the DNRS program went through all of the detox protocols for years and nothing proved helpful (and sometimes it was harmful) until they addressed the brain function behind the symptoms they were experiencing. I did many detox protocols over 13 years, including the CIRS therapy, and did not see improvement. DNRS addresses the underlying hypersensitivity caused by cross wiring of neural pathways in the brain, thus lifting the reactions that people with chronic illnesses often experience to small amounts of toxins. I have no need to get retested for CIRS markers anymore. I feel great.

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      • Thanks…I guess I still wonder if your physical treatments were helpful but the DNRS was the final needed step? I get what you are saying though – I know for some, brain rewiring doesn’t work….and other programs similar to DNRS also say it’s important to address physical healing as well as the brain stuff…lift up all the anchors, so to speak. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be free of all the illness – I hope one day I get to experience it myself! Congrats. 🙂


  2. Yana, Yes, for some people it is quite helpful to continue using the current therapies that they are on, and also implement DNRS. I used both for a while as I began DNRS, and then discerned that I wanted to discontinue the other therapies because DNRS was helping so much. You asked if the physical treatments were helpful. Regarding the CIRS therapies, I did not notice improvements. I did the CIRS therapies for a length of time that was sufficient to know if they were effective, and they did not prove to be. Regarding other therapies over the years, I also did not see improvements until I started the DNRS program. I would not call DNRS the final step in a long list of things that helped me regain health. DNRS was the therapy that I needed all along. It just took me 13 years to find it. I take some basic supplements right now, for maintenance, but that is all. May great vitality be in your future, Yana.

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  3. Mariah I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you for inspiring me to do the DNRS program. I firmly believe God had been leading me on the path to finding DNRS but I kept saying no. I went through the whole CIRS therapy of getting rid of everything, moving, cholestyramine, etc and it got me worse not better. I was trying to decide if DNRS could work for me and I found your website. I cried and cried. We did not have enough money to purchase the DVD’s because we were so far behind from all the therapies and my mom ended up purchasing them for me after she read your blog. She says it was the best money she ever spent. The last 7 months have been so incredibly healing physically and mentally. I now go anywhere I want anytime I want! It is such a beautiful blessing! I’m continuing to make progress everyday and even when I have dips I keep going knowing my brain will retrain itself. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Your blog is changing lives!


    • Megan, HOORAY!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I am so proud of you! You did the hard work and now you get to experience the fruit of your labor! Thank you for sharing your success! It is heartwarming and Travis and I are filled with gratitude for your good news! And yay for your mom who bought you the dvds! Go mom! Go you! Have an awesome day and an awesome life! May you FLOURISH and be at peace.



    • Hi Megan,
      Would it be okay for you if we get in touch? I am considering to do the DNRS program as well as I am also suffering from so many symptoms that are problably due to mold toxicity.
      Maybe I can write you an email? That would be so great!
      Best greetings from Germany,


      • Hello, Dominique,

        I heartily recommend the DNRS program to you if you are dealing with hypersensitivities, including mold sensitivities. Annie Hopper, the founder of DNRS, travels to Europe from time to time to do in-person seminars. Last fall, when I was at an in-person seminar in Canada, there was a person there from Finland and a person there from Estonia. I just wanted to let you know, in case you were wondering if people from outside of the states were participating in the DNRS program.
        The DNRS staff can answer questions for you, too. Just call the number at the top of their website to speak with someone who may be able to answer your DNRS specific questions.

        May you have peace on your journey, Dominique.



  4. Hi Mariah, thanks for your inspiring blog and comments. I read your first post and i think I have 95% similar symptoms to you. I just wanted to ask you, did you and Travis do DNRS together? Did you use each other for buddy practice or practice separately? Did you need any support from anyone (asides from the coach) to do DNRS? I just struggle with motivation.



    • Hi Michelle, So glad you found my blog. Travis and I did not do DNRS together. I used coaching (every 1 to 2 weeks for a year), and had a practice buddy as well. The coaching was hugely helpful, as well as the practice buddy. If you struggle with motivation, you may consider going to an in-person seminar, where you get to meet other people who are going through the program like you. It can be very motivational and give you sense of community right away. The DNRS forum is also a great option for building relationships with others who are going through the program.

      With Care,


  5. Mariah, I have been going through this for the past 3 years. I did try DNRS for awhile, but I found it to be mentally exhausting and the hour was so long. But I have been thinking that all of this mold avoidance is no way to live and that I have lost hope. I want to be able to move throughout the world without fear. And even though we are told all the time that the first step is to move and get out – no one seems to have the answer on where a “safe” place is. I like the idea of no longer running. I may give this another try. Thank you.


    • Dear Julie,

      You said it. We are told to move and leave things behind, but there is nowhere “safe” to go. That is not a helpful way of approaching hypersensitivities, and avoidance is not the approach to a healthy life. I do think that there are other modalities that might help you, either in addition to DNRS or separate from DNRS. There is so much research being done on the way the brain works and new therapies are being developed all the time. I applaud you for your insight into “no longer running”. Warmly, Mariah


  6. Hi Mariah

    Sorry to have lost touch but hoping to catch up on this treatment option. Hope you and Travis are well – Blessings


    • Iain,

      Hello! I’m glad you commented! I highly recommend this as a treatment option for people dealing with hypersensitivities. All you need to know is in my last few blog posts, and on the DNRS website. I think it can help you very much. You may enjoy an in-person seminar so you can meet others who have been on similar journeys such as yourself.



  7. Your technique sounds interesting. But since getting partially away from mold has helped me a lot, I’m not convinced that mold has nothing to do with my health issues. Another thing that bothers me is that what you say above sounds a bit like advertising. I’m more convinced when someone tells me something that they think works well, but they express a bit of doubt – this MAY work for you, too. Question: how many people has this program worked for completely? How do you know? Does the person who runs it give out facts about numbers and success rates? Can people find the ideas behind it somewhere and try doing it for free?


    • Dear Rachel,

      Many people share these concerns. DNRS is not for everyone. It works well for some, and not well for others. DNRS is not the only option out there for neural rehabilitation. You can contact DNRS to see if they have statistics regarding success rates and if they have opportunities to try the program without cost.



    • Our 21 yr. old daughter has CIRS after mold exposure in a dorm Freshman year @ college and every Functional Medicine MD we’ve met with tells us “it’s all about the exposure”; she won’t get well unless she’s away from mold. We live in New England, so that’s not an option without uprooting. Even those who support DNRS say we need to remove the exposure. She is so committed to eating clean, taking supplements, getting IV detox treatments, etc.; but she is getting continued exposure at school. She is doing her best to live a normal life and not be defined by her illness, which means mold avoidance is not feasible at this time. I was completely convinced DNRS is the answer, but fear of not doing what is in her best interest makes me second guess. She’s already getting more than incremental exposure to toxins and not thriving by any stretch, but she’s so strong and determined- managing as best she can. Do you believe it’s possible to heal with DNRS even with chronic exposure to a bio-toxin proven (according to labs) to be an issue for a CIRS patient and if the patient is also skeptical about the efficacy of DNRS? Would anyone close to her age on this blog with CIRS please share your thoughts if you had a lot of resistance and it worked, please!!!


      • This recovery story is from a teenager who used DNRS to recover from her hypersensitivities. It may help you as you decide how to move forward.

        Yes, I believe that healing can happen when there are exposures. You asked about the efficacy of DNRS when the patient is skeptical. There is a certain degree of openness that is very helpful when doing DNRS.

        Peace to you as you walk this road. May you have clarity.


  8. I have the program and have made 2 attempts with it but I cannot visualize and the alternate methods I have used have not proved beneficial:(


  9. Hi Maria, I thank you for all of your honesty and information here. It’s been such a long journey and the concept of ” mold avoidance ” as extremely thorough as I have been seemed unattainable and creates so must stress. Never seemed right to me. I agree, living and working in good environments is important but to completely avoid mold in every possible fashion is not living. You mention in one of the posts above ” other modalties” that could be helpful in conjunction with DNRS ( which I am doing, about 1 month in now :). ) could you please elaborate on which additional modalties you have found or think could be helpful? Thank you again and congrats to you for LIVING life again!!


    • Hello Ib,

      Living life in the present moment as much as possible is what I have found to be extremely helpful in my own healing journey. Its not a modality, but a way of life. The place I started was with Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power Of Now. I can not recommend it highly enough.



  10. Does DNRS work for premenstrual dysphoric disorder? It is a heavy type of depression caused by woman’s own hormones. I’ve been doing DNRS for some time now, but I still have it. I am not sure if I just need to continue or get a hysterectomy.


  11. Did you have bloodwork that showed a definite diagnosis of CIRS? Did you have noticeable reactions to small amounts of mold toxins that when away from those toxins after showering, throwing out certain contaminated items you had relief of symptoms?


    • Yes, I had all of the bloodwork done to confirm CIRS. I did react strongly to small amounts of many things, including small amounts of mold toxins. Extreme avoidance did not bring relief, and I did not notice improvement when practicing extreme avoidance. It was only when I started to address the brain did I start to heal.


  12. How long into the DNRS program were you when you noticed that you could have mold exposures without symptoms. You also mention one on one sessions for a person following the DVDS, is that different than coaching? How did you find people to buddy with?


    • Dear Becky,

      Recovery time is different for everyone. I noticed significant changes in my reactivity within the first couple of months. The one-on-one sessions I was referring to is regarding hiring a DNRS coach. You can choose your coach online on the DNRS website. You can find practice buddies on the DNRS forum once you complete the DVDs.

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  13. Hi!!

    Thanks so much for this blog!!! So grateful:)
    A friend of a friend lent me the DVDs. I am doing the coaching once in two weeks about. I started January 15… I would love to see some results. I’m working really hard sometimes feels impossible but I’m doing it. Sometimes feeling discouraged. I read most people have results within a month. Do you have any ideas… can you give me some spunk? Thanks so much


    • Dear Mindy, I celebrate your movement forward in taking charge of your own health, and I am so glad you are finding this blog helpful. DNRS may be a helpful tool for you on your journey to wholeness and I am glad that you are working with a DNRS coach. The most helpful advice I can give is this: Use DNRS to get to know yourself inside and out. Most importantly, be the curious observer of yourself, of your inner workings and behaviors and thoughts. Get in touch with the deepest part of yourself, and use the DNRS tools to get you there, especially the parts of the visualizations that get you into your body. FEEL the life within you. The life that you are looking for truly lies within you, so keep nurturing yourself and being kind to yourself. On a practical level, meditate daily (I utilized Deepak Chopra’s app called Ananda for several months during my retraining, which was worth the 10 dollars per month for access to many simple and profound meditations). Also, breathe intentionally. Both of these things can get you in touch with your body and out of the fight-or-flight response that your brain is currently used to. And here is some spunky pep talk from one of my favorite poets, Rumi: “What you are seeking is seeking you.” Have a great day!


  14. Dear Mariah,

    Nice to meet you!! Thank you so very much for sharing information along your journey to wellness! I only began following recently and I truly appreciate your efforts!! I’m SO sorry in advanced for such an involved, but I’ve been struggling to find answers and am very encouraged by your blog!

    I am 20 years old, and have been chronically ill for almost 7 years now (with a severe symptom escalation to partial seizures in the past 3 months) . My most recent diagnosis has been CIRS and I am currently following the Shoemaker protocol, but have not yet seen results. Actually, my entire family has been tested to show that we all carry identical sets of 04-03-53 (one of the ‘dreaded’) and 15–06-51 genes. I had been hoping this diagnosis was the solution, however, between slow to come signs of detox/ recovery and your October 2015 (“After 12 Years . . .”) post I am now second guessing.

    I’m relatively new to this type of research, and am not entirely sure how to phrase things, but I have two main questions:

    – The first is whether or not it is possible to ‘turn off’ the CIRS related genes in following the DNRS program?? (i.e.: I just had to drop out of my dream university sacrificing a full tuition scholarship to avoid mold in the buildings, and though I am now home, our home also has mold (definitely a catch 22) . . . and I am unable to live on my own in my current condition. Can DNRS ‘turn off’ the biotoxin genes causing such extreme reactions? Might it be that if I turn them off I don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to avoid mold?)

    -The second, is if you have an opinion on whether or not limbic system dysfunction can somehow be inherited? My grandmother passed away at a rather early age due to pheochromocytoma, and generally, a mysterious chronic illness. Also, my mother (who is now showing some signs of recovery after a parathyroid tumor) has been bed ridden for near three years due to a mysterious chronic illness. I have been displaying extremely similar symptoms . . . which I previously thought was due to my inherited CIRS genes. . . but could I have inherited either a genetic disposition or already mis-wired limbic system??

    I have ordered the DNRS DVD’s and book for my mother and I (and we are just about to begin the process), but am still looking for some answers. Again, sorry for the involved post!

    Thank you so so so so much for any input or opinions!!!

    Wishing you all the best,


    • Dear Cassie,
      I am so glad you found my blog! Here are my thoughts and responses:
      1. I did the Shoemaker protocol too, and, like you, did not notice results.
      2. You can not turn on and off genes, but you can support your body in such a way so that they do not express as they are being expressed now. For example, roughly 1/4 of the population carries the CIRS gene, yet only a select few express it in severe ways. There are ways to help your body to express your genes differently, and one is to address the function of the neural pathways in the brain. When we train our brains out of fight-or-flight and into rest-and-digest, changes start to happen.
      3. I, too, asked Annie Hopper, the founder of DNRS, if limbic system dysfunction can be inherited. She stated that there is no research that has been done on the matter, but from talking with a lot of people who have recovered from DNRS, it appears to me to be the case. May the DNRS program help both you and your mom!

      Do the program with all of your heart and see what happens.
      In faith,


      • Mariah,

        Thank you so very sincerely for such a thorough and thoughtful response!! I really appreciate your time and input!! Your gene expression explanation is especially helpful!!

        All the absolute best,

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      • Hi Mariah, I was also diagnosed with CIRS and got no results from the Shoemaker protocol. In fact, it made me much worse (for reasons I’m sure you understand). I later found DNRS and have had amazing results.

        I’d just also like to add about that statistic of 1/4 of the population carrying a CIRS gene. After everything I’ve been through, I’ve come to the conclusion that that statistic may be misleading. It’s my understanding that Shoemaker calculated that number based on results from his own patient base. He then used that data in comparison to the world-wide data of the gene distribution. However, I don’t believe he took in to account regional distributions in relation to his own patient’s demographic data.

        For instance, the occurrence of CIRS genes maybe closer to 80-90% in European populations. So anyone with European decent is more than likely carrying a “CIRS gene”. Now I can’t speak to the actual demographics of Shoemaker’s patients. But I would think it’s likely that most of them are of a similar geographic region (European decent). So it’s possible that the presence of those genes in Shoemaker’s patients were simply a symptom of their regional decent rather than an identifying variable for disease.

        Again, this is just a theory as he does not publish any real data when it comes to that 25% number.

        I realize that there is likely a genetic predisposition for developing limbic system impairments (as there is typically a genetic predisposition to developing anything). I just think that Dr Shoemaker is likely off base with his “research” and came to a wrong conclusion. Whether that wrong conclusion was realized out of ignorance or malice, I can’t be sure.

        I try not to manifest too much anger when it comes to Dr Shoemaker, as I know it’s not good for my healing. But in my opinion, he is a bit of a scam artist.

        In contrast, DNRS has been a godsend. I’ve done so much healing in the past few months, and I plan on continuing until I’m completely myself again. Life was pretty bleak for a while. But for the first time since I’d gotten sick, I have hope again.

        I hope that this post can help someone in a similar situation that I was.


      • Doug,

        Thank you for your post. I am very happy that DNRS has been such a blessing to you as well! So many people have been helped by it. You are right, that negative emotions like anger can impede our healing. I have found the work of Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power Of Now, to be very insightful in the area of addressing emotions when they arise. I highly recommend his writings and talks.



    • HI Mariah, I have been diagnosed with CIRS mold Biotoxin and I am bound and determined to heal it through limbic retraining only. I am a firm believer in changing your mind to change your brain to change the physiological cascade. That being said I am wondering if I can do this without binders, remediation, air filters etc etc. I think I can and I’d like your opinion and maybe others you’ve seen heal with DNRS. Happy for you and your recovery.


      • Yes, it is my opinion that it is possible to heal without the things you mentioned. You will know along the way if you need to make any physical changes to your environment. I have noticed that most people who have tried binders, remediation, air filters alone (without any work engaging the brain/mind), do not come to a place of thriving in life. Personally, I tried all of it and it did not work for me. Only when I started DNRS did I notice improvement. Then, I realized that I had found what I needed (addressing the mind) and I stopped all binders and CIRS treatments (after consulting with my doctor and making that transition in intelligent ways).

        The key is to really connect with your deepest self throughout this program, and beyond. DNRS can open up a world of possibilities for you. I highly suggest reading Eckhart Tolle’s book titled The Power of Now as you lean into healing your body through your mind. There is so much to discover once we start to see the power within ourselves. Perhaps start the DNRS program first, then after a few months you can engage Tolle’s work and see how it might help you as you continue to heal.

        DNRS is a great program to engage the mind and its role in chronic illness. Start there (or with a different program that engages neuroplasticity and the brain/body connection – it does not need to be DNRS, but that is what I personally used). From there, you will have insight into any other changes that you may need to make, if any.

        Take care of yourself and love yourself well through it all.


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  15. Hi Mariah, thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. Wondering if you stopped all anti Lyme supplements/medications when you were doing DNRS 😊? I am just getting into it but had to start maintance dose of anti Lyme & co supplements and it is making the retraining hard.
    Afraid to stop with all the anti Lyme stuff and not knowing if I need it to heal or perhaps start using again later on in the brain retraining? Or just stop as I have been treating for years now with no results really.. Would just love to hear your experiences and perhaps stories of others if you know those 😊.

    Thanks again,

    Kindest regards,



    • Dear Viv,

      The great thing about DNRS is that it works with any other treatment that you may be utilizing, including anti Lyme treatment. You do not need to stop your treatment, and when you notice “its” arise regarding your treatment, treat it just like you would with any other “it”. You can do them at the same time, and it is just fine.

      Personally, after a few months of doing DNRS, I weaned off of most of the supplements and medications I was taking. After about a year, I had decided to stop all supplements and medications. Currently, I just take a few basic supplements that I enjoy taking.

      I was using a CIRS protocol when I started the DNRS program. I was not on Lyme meds, but on CIRS meds. There are many YouTube videos about Lyme recovery using DNRS, however. Here is one that I particularly appreciate.

      So I say do both treatments. It is totally fine! Trust your inner ability to know when or if you need to drop the Lyme treatment. For now do both, and do them with your whole heart!



  16. Hi Mariah!

    I could use your advice.

    I have a history of cirs and Lyme. But I’ve completed the Shoe protocol and avoided mold for 3 years. This year I decided to stop living in fear and try dnrs and move into a place that isn’t necessarily “safe” according to shoe. It’s a 6 on an ermi.

    But this place is also new so I’m reacting to lots of chemicals and off gases.

    I really want this place to work bc it’s my dream place, but I’ve had symptoms in here since moving in. Any tips? Is it necessary to be in an environment you don’t react to while doing dnrs?

    P.S. is there anyway we can connect?!


    • Hi Brittney,

      Hooray for you as you decide to not live in fear! THAT is the main step! Whether you utilize DNRS or some other path, that is the main thing to deal with. Again, HOORAY for your decision! May you have great success on your path to peace and wellness.

      Peace to you as you engage this new space. Are you working with a DNRS coach? They can help you with the questions that arise as you move forward in your DNRS practice (like living in this space). I utilized coaching every 1 to 2 weeks throughout my first year of DNRS retraining and it was invaluable. All of the coaches are trained to help people in your situation.

      Personally, I do not think you need to be in a super clean environment in order to do DNRS. No one needs to live in a home with mold growing on the walls, or with chemicals that are sprayed regularly, but your home should be a good place for your retraining. I say start there. Use it as a great training ground.

      My suggestion to you is to get really quiet. To lean into the stillness within. You will know what to do from there. The resource that I highly recommend for this part of your journey is a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It has changed my life and has enabled me to live in ways far beyond what I could have ever imagined possible. It is not a book on neuroplasticity, but a book on being present to your life and what arises in your life. It is the simplest and most profound path to healing I have ever encountered.

      On the path together,


  17. Mariah, thank you for sharing your journey. Reading this has been uplifting because there is so much hope that others can get well. Like you, I have CIRS which was confirmed by blood work and genetic testing. I am in the early stages in the Shoe protocol and have not found mold avoidance to be realistic. I recently ordered DNRS DVD and am looking forward to beginning healing.

    I’m curious of a few things though: Do you still practice DNRS daily and continue to see improvements? Do you still write, dress with your non-dominate hand (to strengthen new pathways)? And if DNRS helped Travis with his back pain?

    Thank you! I wish you both continued health and happiness in your future.



    • Hello, Audra 🙂

      Hooray that you have ordered the DVDs! I hope that this new path is a very healing, beautiful path for you. Yes, extreme avoidance of any kind is not realistic or healing.

      I appreciate your questions. I did DNRS for 17 months, and completed my practice last fall. I no longer utilize the DNRS protocol.

      I now practice present moment awareness (see Eckhart Tolle’s book titled “The Power of Now” if you are interested in learning about this), I practice breathing better (makes a huge difference in our state of well being), I practice going slow and not racing through life, and I practice high quality self care. The study of Ayurveda has been quite a blessing to me in recent months in regards to daily rhythms and self care.

      I do not use my non-dominate hand to strengthen new neural pathways.

      Yes, DNRS helped Travis with his back pain.



      • Hello, Mariah. I did order the DNRS DVD’s and have practiced for just over 3 months now. I am no longer sensitive to mold, although I have not walked into a building with mold growing up the walls. In normal houses and buildings I feel fine. I have noticed, however, that rewiring my brain has caused major anxiety and panic attacks during the past two of the last three months. My coach says I am un-peeling my onion and these feeling are still in the realm of “normal”.

        Thank you again for your post, and other’s like you who have healed. I know I will heal, it just is taking me more time than I thought. I’m ready to get past this trying time and continue my journey!



  18. Great that you’re both doing so well. I highly recommend DNRS to everyone! I’ll wrote my story with DNRS soon. I’m a Lyme and CIRS person too. For those that stopped get back at it. Never give up until the miracle happens. It works.


  19. Thank you for this helpful blog post, and all of the questions you’ve addressed.

    I, too, started my spiritual journey with The Power of Now. It gave me the foundation necessary to not become totally derailed during my time dealing with CIRS. I’m about to start DNRS and know that this is finally a solution for me to not be a victim of mold illness.

    I wanted to recommend another book that has been equally life changing/supporting as The Power of Now. It’s called The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer. I pass along this recommendation because I’m so appreciative of the book an all it’s helped me with.

    Many blessings ❤


  20. Hello, I am wondering whether this method has been used successfully for SSD (Somatic Syndrome Disorder). This condition means constant feeling of extreme stress response. I am desperate.


    • Hello,

      I imagine it would! It deals with the limbic system, which deals with the fight or flight response. There is a growing list on the DNRS website of all the conditions the program has helped people recover from. I found it incredibly encouraging to look at it and see all the different symptoms it helps to calm down in our bodies. Much much peace to you.


  21. I am still unconvinced….extreme avoidance DID bring me back to near normal. I can be most places but still must avoid heavy exposures that cause a flare up of inflammatory response. I never developed MCS and only have to avoid gluten, which is a good idea anyway. My regret is that I cannot, for example, book a bnb or hotel online because if I get a moldy one it will make me sick. All the testimonials I see about CIRS state that avoidance didn’t work, the shoemaker protocol didn’t work, and it seems to me it is a different disorder from “pure” CIRS which is the inflammatory response. Is there ANYONE who had “only” CIRS who recovered their ability to go anywhere post-DNRS? I’m doing rounds, they are helpful, and am signed up for the in-person but am considering vacating my spot for someone who needs it worse than I do. I’m basically happy and functional and my only complaint is the lack of being able to “just go anywhere like I did before.” Of course, I also realize that “before” might have been making me sick and I had no idea why.


    • Pam, It sounds like you are doing pretty well and I celebrate that you can live a near normal life. I still choose to not use Air BnB because I do not like staying in a moldy place. And I choose to not dwell in moldy places. There is a level of awareness that someone with CIRS needs to have, because being in mold is still not a great idea health wise.


    • I’d say I have “only” CIRS. The Shoemaker protocol did not work for me because I was never able to fully escape mold. Even a brand new RV I bought tested high on the ERMI scale a few months after living in it, and I don’t know why. So I always lived in fear of anywhere I went, and anywhere I suspected had mold. Consequently I felt symptoms of mold illness (impaired cognition, sleep, etc). Once I learned about DNRS, it changed my perspective. I bought the online course and only got through the first 3 days of videos. But regardless, I learned the message I needed….that MOST of what I feel is caused by my own reaction and not the stimulus (mold). So nowadays, I’m not 100%, but I feel good, good enough to function well and be happy. I don’t know how much mold still affects me, and how much better I’d feel in a sterile environment, but bottom line is I don’t want to live like that, I don’t want to worry and be scared. I don’t want to be stressed, and feel like a prisoner. So if I find myself in a place that smells moldy, I try to just relax and not worry about it. So I’m thankful for the DNRS course in that I feel like it’s given me my life back.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Wow! Reading all of the questions and your answers tells me something incredible about you! You are a caring, kind and non-judgmental person with an endless supply of patience who is willing to answer the same questions over and over if it means you can move someone out of their illness and into healing! How blessed we all are! Thank you!


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