FAQs about DNRS for people dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses (CIRS, Food Intolerances, IBS, Lyme, Fatigue, and much more)


Dear everyone dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses,

There is hope.

You do not need to be sick forever and ever.

There is a way out and it is available to you.

The way out that I offer you today is through a program called The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, and it has helped me and thousands of others regain their health and quality of life!

For 13 years I dealt with with chronic and debilitating mystery illnesses, met with 45 medical practitioners, visited multiple large clinics, spent over $150,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, ate just a handful of foods, left my home and everything in it in order to avoid mold, moved to a pristine area across the country, and still was not well. I was very very not well. I was homebound most of the time and was most definitely not thriving!

I was introduced to DNRS, The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, in April 2016 through my doctor at The Cleveland Clinic and the rest is history!

Over the past year I have been implementing the DNRS program daily and have witnessed profound results in my health and quality of life! Here is a blog post documenting some of the strides I made with adding foods to my diet through practicing DNRS:

Read the “Carrying Sheaves” post here.

Many people have emailed me questions about DNRS, asking if it might work for them. Below I have answered some frequently asked questions that I have received about DNRS. I offer these questions and answers to you as a platform from where you may discern if DNRS is right for you.

Let’s get started!


FAQs regarding DNRS for people dealing with chronic and mysterious illnesses:

1. I am very sick with CIRS, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, severe food intolerances, etc. Can DNRS help me?

YES.  Please click here to see what illnesses DNRS treats.  Even if you are dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, DNRS can help! Isn’t that great news?

2. I have a lot of hesitation to start another program. Do you think DNRS is worth investing in?

Personally, I have seen my life restored over the past year. There are many people who have experienced the same thing through the DNRS program. Just go to YouTube and check out the DNRS testimonials there. Here are a couple of inspirational DNRS recovery stories for you to start with:

Jessica’s Story

Riley’s Story

3. Can I recover just by using the DVD program, or do I need to go to an in-person seminar?

I recovered fully using the DVD program. Some people do the DVD program in addition to the in-person program, and some people just go to the in-person program.

4. Have you been to an in-person DNRS seminar?

Yes. I was able to be a guest speaker at a DNRS seminar this past fall and share my recovery story. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how the DVD and the in-person experiences are similar and different. With the in-person seminar, you get to meet other people who are learning to rewire their brains and that can be an additional benefit to your DNRS journey. It is not necessary, however. I personally used the DVD program and fully recovered.

5. I feel so alone. My husband/wife is not on board with me doing DNRS. Like me, they feel afraid that it won’t work, just like all of the other protocols I have done.

That is very common. It is hard to hope when you have been dealing with a chronic illness for so long. It is hard for partners and spouses to have hope too. Take heart. Once you start the program and start to see results, the people around you will notice as well. That will be evidence enough for them that this program works wonders. Be brave and take steps to heal yourself, as this is the most loving thing you can do for another person.

Additionally, when you start the DNRS program, get involved on their online forum, which is a wonderful and encouraging community of DNRS brain retrainers who can be a new community for you. You are not alone. There is a lot of support out there for you. Also, book some coaching sessions and get some one on one help with your DNRS retraining! That was hugely beneficial for me during my retraining.

6. I am still very afraid to start a new program.

It is important to remember that when you are dealing with limbic system dysfunction, your brain is currently stuck in a fight-or-flight mode of processing information, and that leads to a lot of fear. Once you start the program and your limbic system starts to calm down, you will notice much less fear in your thinking patterns.

7. Where do I sign up for the DVDs or a seminar?

You can click here to order the DVDs. You can sign up for an In-Person DNRS seminar on the DNRS website here as well.

8. It looks expensive. The DVD sets start at 250 dollars and the seminars are close to 3,000 dollars. Is it worth it?

Think of all of the money you are investing in other treatments right now. At one point, I was taking over $1,500 worth of supplements per month, plus living a life of extreme avoidance on the other side of the country. I also had regular, very expensive doctors visits that I was paying for at that time. That is no longer the case. I take a few everyday supplements that healthy people normally take, and I see my doctor for regular checkups like a normal person. I no longer need to funnel all of my money into medications, supplements, avoidance strategies, or doctor visits. It was worth every penny to do the program, because I got my life back!

9. I can’t travel to a DNRS seminar because I am too sick. Can I start with the DVDs and when I have improved enough to travel can I go to a seminar?

Absolutely. Many people do that. It can be beneficial to go through the program in both ways, as it can solidify what you are trying to learn.

10. How much time will I need to invest each day in the program?

You will do an hour of DNRS practice daily until you are fully recovered. Recovery periods vary between individuals. The DNRS commitment is six months, and you can continue to do the program as long as you need to after the initial six months are completed. I have been doing DNRS for a year now and continue to see recovery every day.

11. Did extreme avoidance strategies work for you? (avoidance of mold, certain foods, people who wear perfumes, toxins, certain buildings, etc.)

No. Not until DNRS did I start to recover my health. Extreme avoidance strengthens unhealthy neural pathways and leads to more avoidance, fear, and isolation, rather than vitality and participation in life activities. DNRS helps you to rewire your brain so that it does not react to mold, foods, toxins, etc. like it did before, and you can live a normal life. Think about it: a normal life. 


I no longer respond to inquiries related to mold avoidance as that was not the path that helped me recover my health. If you have any questions related to the DNRS program, please contact The Dynamic Neural Retraining System website, or call their General Inquiries line at 1-800-947-9389.

The DNRS website also has a FAQ page. Click here to visit their FAQ page.






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  1. Hi there. 12 years of severe CFS and I’m about to go down the CIRS path. I understand you have moved on from that and healed using DNRS. I would really love to know if your markers that gave you the CIRS diagnosis, have now gone/normalised. Whatever tests you originally did, are they normal now? Do you think that any of your CIRS treatment helped to give you success with the DNRS? I’m genuinely asking because I can’t afford to go down the wrong rabbit hole, again. I don’t quite understand how DNRS or any of the brain retraining methods work if you have genuine toxicity inside you.


    • Hello, Yana. This is a very common question for people as they consider whether DNRS may help them regain their health. This topic (toxicity) is addressed in both the DNRS DVDs and at the in-person seminars. In short, many people who recover their health through the DNRS program went through all of the detox protocols for years and nothing proved helpful (and sometimes it was harmful) until they addressed the brain function behind the symptoms they were experiencing. I did many detox protocols over 13 years, including the CIRS therapy, and did not see improvement. DNRS addresses the underlying hypersensitivity caused by cross wiring of neural pathways in the brain, thus lifting the reactions that people with chronic illnesses often experience to small amounts of toxins. I have no need to get retested for CIRS markers anymore. I feel great.


      • Thanks…I guess I still wonder if your physical treatments were helpful but the DNRS was the final needed step? I get what you are saying though – I know for some, brain rewiring doesn’t work….and other programs similar to DNRS also say it’s important to address physical healing as well as the brain stuff…lift up all the anchors, so to speak. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be free of all the illness – I hope one day I get to experience it myself! Congrats. 🙂


  2. Yana, Yes, for some people it is quite helpful to continue using the current therapies that they are on, and also implement DNRS. I used both for a while as I began DNRS, and then discerned that I wanted to discontinue the other therapies because DNRS was helping so much. You asked if the physical treatments were helpful. Regarding the CIRS therapies, I did not notice improvements. I did the CIRS therapies for a length of time that was sufficient to know if they were effective, and they did not prove to be. Regarding other therapies over the years, I also did not see improvements until I started the DNRS program. I would not call DNRS the final step in a long list of things that helped me regain health. DNRS was the therapy that I needed all along. It just took me 13 years to find it. I take some basic supplements right now, for maintenance, but that is all. May great vitality be in your future, Yana.


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