Carrying sheaves!!!

“They will return home with joy, carrying sheaves with them.” 


We come to you today bearing sheaves! Gorgeous, ripe, fruitful, abundant sheaves! Sheaves born of years of sorrow, now turned to joy and gladness!

My limbic system rewiring has been nothing short of miraculous so far. It is with great pleasure that we share this great news:


You name it, I can eat it.

These are just a few of the things I have LOVED adding back into my diet: tomatoes, onions, garlic, baked goods of all kinds, cream, yogurt, cheese, spices, wine and so much more!

We are amazed.

Here I am, eating a gyro, the one food I wanted to eat the most during my years of food sensitivity:

(It was amazing.)

I had planned on setting aside rewiring my brain regarding foods, in order to focus my energy on moving home, and was satisfied with the lemons, oranges, and vegetables I had added to my diet just a month ago. But then we decided to refrain from looking for a home in Holland until after we got back, and all of a sudden I had all this glorious time to do my retraining!

To be honest, I was kind of looking for an excuse to not do the retraining on food, because I didn’t want to really give myself over to it fully. I was telling myself that a little healing was just right, that I wouldn’t want to go too fast and wear myself out, and that I couldn’t possibly add every food back into my diet by the time we headed home anyway. Fear tells us these stories.

The stories I told myself had no grounding, and once I fully committed to rewiring my brain regarding foods…

Here are just a few photos of the good foods (and places) I’ve been eating lately!



Plum cake! (Made with plums from our garden.)

Peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies!

Oatmeal and cream!

Ice cream!

Greek delicacies!

No more snail’s pace! Watch the video below to get a feel for how things are going these days!

This is how we feel:

I will continue to do brain retraining for the next four months, and we expect nothing short of complete and total healing. Travis is doing some brain retraining too, and is seeing results in his own body.

You have journeyed with us! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are witnesses to God’s work in our lives!

Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome things to come, and rejoice with us in this amazing progress!

Please keep praying for a home for us in Holland and for complete recovery! Thank you!!! (We have a place to stay for a couple months, so if we can’t find something right away it is ok.)

Carrying sheaves,

Mariah and Travis

P.S. We leave California to head back to Michigan in a week!

P.P.S. If there is a special meal that you love, and would like to share it with two extremely grateful souls who love to eat with the people they love, we would be thrilled to spend time together supping with you in the near future. 🙂  It has been too long.

Want to learn more about DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) and brain retraining? Go to the DNRS website.

Want to know what health issues DNRS can help with? Click here! It might help you or someone you love.

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  1. Such joyous good news, and great pics too. Amazing. Sorrow in the night; joy in the morning. JRK and Sharon

    On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 6:06 PM, Mariahs Health Journey wrote:

    > mariahdaniellewest posted: “”They will return home with joy, carrying > sheaves with them.” Friends, We come to you today bearing sheaves! > Gorgeous, ripe, fruitful, abundant sheaves! Sheaves born of years of > sorrow, now turned to joy and gladness! My limbic system rewiring ha” >

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  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! God is so good. It’s amazing to see the work he is doing in your healing process. I look forward to sharing a meal with you two, but it may yet be a while. 🙂

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  3. I’m speechless, after seeing your reactions to houses just a few short months ago, and following your journey. This is truly so amazing. God has really listened and heard! He is so good! I am excited to see you and hear more. We’d love to share a meal with you soon after you get back! I’m going to reserve June 28 for you so let us know if that’s ok with your schedule!

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  4. Restore our fortunes, O Lord, like watercourses in the Negev, may those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy….shouting with you and celebrating the coming home with joy! Blessings…as you pilgrimage home. Go God…amaze us again…

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  5. Hi Mariah, this is amazing news!! I’m so grateful for you and your husband and the new life you have found! I just started following your blog because a mutual friend of ours recommended that I check it out. I too suffer from chronic illness (RA, chronic fatigue, food and chemical sensitivities, digestive issues, etc.), and because of your testimony I am going to give DNRS a try! Seeing you eat WHATEVER you want and having energy again is so encouraging to me! We feel very hopeful. Thanks for sharing your story!

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  6. Hi Mariah, what wonderful news! I’ve been looking into DNRS since reading your blog. Can it help with the inflammatory response to mold in those with CIRS? I’m curious since CIRS is supposed to be genetically based and a lifelong thing. Have you found anything out about this? Feel free to email me if that’s easier…I think my email will show up to you when I post?

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  7. Reading this with years of joy! Such respect for your perseverance in this long journey, and such joy at seeing you able to delight in God’s gift of food after all these years.


  8. Hi Mariah,

    I’m so encouraged by your project with DNRS! I began the program a week and a half ago and discovered your blog around the same time I started. Do you mind sharing how long you trained each day in order to re-integrate foods? I’ve been in the same boat as you — only eating 5 foods due to myriad other challenges — and I’m curious if you spent focused time training for each food before reintegrating it, or if you generally trained and your gut responded.

    Thank you!


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    • Sarah, I’d love to talk more! Send me a friend request on FB so we can message one another as well. I am training an hour per day. At the beginning I found myself doing the limbic steps MUCH more than that, and even would do (a version of) them in the night if I woke up. I spent time retraining on specific foods at first and then added foods with more than one ingredient, like a baked good or a salad. I have been retraining on almost every area of my life – food, anxiety, depression, relationships, movement, sleep, pain, brain fog, vision, my relationship with God, you name it, I have done it. :). I am working with Jana Smith, a DNRS coach who overcame all of her own food sensitivities with DNRS. I would highly recommend working with her.


  9. Oh my dear friend! I am sooooooo happy for you! And sooooo envious of your gyro! 🙂 I remember you either taking us to Pita House on 28th St. or raving about it so much that we had to go ourselves. I wish I could dance with you in person. I am so blessed by your sharing this loooong journey with me and all praise to a mighty and awesome God above who loves you sooooo much and has given you this gift of healing this side of heaven!

    hugs my dear dear friend,


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  10. Hi. I would love to gain some more info from you regarding how you trained on multiple things at once (I have to work on chemical sensitivity, food sensitivity, anxiety, sleep challenges and exercise intolerance). I just began the program 1.5 weeks ago and have my first coaching session Wednesday morning. I am especially interested in how you reincorporated foods. I have a somewhat varied diet (compared to most doing the program) but have eaten the same foods every day for the last year and am terrified of adding any new ones back in outside of my “safe foods.” I am hoping I won’t have to reintegrate one by one, as that would take years. Congrats on your healing and I would love to hear from you soon!


    • Dear Kristin, I am so glad you started the program. Your DNRS coach should be able to help you tremendously as you journey down this path of healing. Regarding reincorporating foods, I made a list of the foods I wanted to add, and then ordered them from what I considered to be “least challenging” to “most challenging”. Then, I added them in that order. I went slow at first, and added just one ingredient at a time. For example, I added lemon first, and started with just a couple drops of lemon in my water on that day. Then I did a few more drops another day, and then a whole squeeze of lemon on my meal a few days later. It was gradual at first, but then I came to a point where I added multiple ingredients at once and it was fine. My top advice is to slow down, breathe, and be present to your life. The resource that I recommend to everyone doing DNRS is a book called “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It was a great support to me during my DNRS retraining, and helped me to let go of the stress of doing DNRS perfectly.



  11. Hi there! A friend of my recommended that I read your blog. I have been suffering from mold toxicity, chemical sensitivity, migraines and emf sensitivity. All my doctor says is more isolation from my home, food and even my car. Is there any way I could discuss my physical symptoms with you to see if you think DNRS would help me? I mentioned it to my doctor but he said he wasn’t sure how that would get rid of a few particular personal symptoms. Is there a way I could email you?


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