Snail’s pace is picking up! 

“We have good news, and that’s been a rare thing in this land for too long.” -Gammon from The Warden And The Wolf King



We have good news!

It has truly been 13 years without much good news on the health front for me, but that has been changing over the past three weeks. We have seen more improvement in the first 21 days of limbic system retraining than in the past 13 YEARS of my health journey!

Now that’s saying something!

(Note: You will notice that I’m in a (very fragrant) store and not wearing a mask in the photo above!)

We are amazed and we invite you to join with us in amazement!  Limbic system retraining was ENTIRELY new to us just over a month ago, but we are learning about it by leaps and bounds every day as I go through my retraining steps. Below, I have answered some questions that will give you a basic understanding of what awesome things are happening in my life through limbic system retraining.

So, what IS limbic system retraining? 

The limbic system is a part of the brain that controls the “fight or flight” response within the body.  It also controls all of our senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, sound).  The program that I am going through is called DNRS (The Dynamic Neural Retraining System), and it is a scientific breakthrough in the area of neruoplasticity (meaning that the brain is “plastic” – that it can physically change).  Through limbic system retraining, I am actually creating new neural pathways in the brain that travel down paths of “rest and digest” rather than “fight or flight.” This is totally exciting!

Here is a basic description of what limbic system retraining can do for people with chronic illness:

When someone is chronically ill or in pain, the brain sends out a constant stream of messages to alert the rest of the body that something is wrong – this response stems from our fight-or-flight response. Our Limbic System takes input from our environment via our senses and determines what response is needed. Infections, chemical exposure, and physical trauma initiate this response in addition to emotional distress and genetic predispositions. Unfortunately, the fight-or-flight response can become perpetually “stuck in the on position” after an initial physical or emotional trauma. The trauma now recorded in our neural circuits will reduce or even prevent our body’s capacity to heal itself if the faulty circuitry is not rewired.

Our conscious thought patterns hold insight into our subconscious programming which is where the faulty wiring has taken place. In short, overriding the fight-or-flight response allows our body to put its energy back into healing and repairing (a natural process that our bodies are designed to do). Overriding the fight-or-flight response is a skill and the tools are taught through Limbic System Rehabilitation Training.

With practice, the fight-or-flight response is no longer initiated inappropriately. As this response normalizes, our body’s natural repair mechanisms resume. Through techniques in neuroplasticity, new and healthy brain connections are created while faulty connections are disconnected. That is when you feel better. Here is the link to the description above.

So, basically, my body has been stuck in the fight or flight response for 13 years.  Whew.  It all started with the perfect storm of mononucleosis, extreme stress, starting a new medication, and mold exposure, combined with several genetic factors that I was unaware of.

Who introduced you to DNRS?

Dr. Patrick Hanaway, my doctor at Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. It is very new to him, and I am his first patient to go through the program. He has heard amazing things about the program for people with chronic illness and hypersensitivities, and introduced it to me as a step toward healing.

What success have other people noticed with DNRS?

Many people have completely overcome their chronic illnesses by retraining the neural pathways in their limbic systems. Here are a couple websites written by people who have overcome insurmountable chronic illnesses by using DNRS:

1. Overcoming Food Sensitivities (This woman will be my DNRS coach and my first meeting with her is tomorrow!)
2. Wheelchair To Rollerblades (an incredible story of a woman who literally went from being wheelchair bound to rollerblading around town!)

Additionally, if you go to YouTube and type in DNRS, you will find success stories of many people who had incredible chronic and environmental illness and overcame them using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System!

What do you do each day for your training?

I do one hour of limbic system retraining each day, along with shorter retraining sessions throughout the day.  I cement the forming of new neural pathways by changing up my routine.  For example, I have been doing many things with my non-dominant hand, such as eating and writing and even putting on my clothing starting with my opposite leg and arm first! Doing things like this helps to cement these new neural pathways and make them stronger.  Plus, it is CRAZY to write and eat with your non-dominant hand.  Try it!

Each day, I take note of the positive results I have seen and I celebrate these achievements!  It has been very helpful to keep notes on the changes I have seen and the foods I have added, as it helps keep me moving forward with retraining! It is surprisingly easy to forget the progress I have made, so it has been really good to look back and see how far I have come in just three weeks.  Can you imagine how great I will be doing in six months?

Here I am, cementing my limbic system retraining, as I write using my left hand:


I will also be meeting with a DNRS coach every two weeks during the beginning of my retraining. My first meeting is tomorrow!

Is DNRS for anyone besides people with mold illness, digestive issues, or chronic fatigue? 

Yes, and here is a list of the health issues that DNRS can help repair.  The list is quite extensive and it may help someone you love recover from their own illness. Who knows?

Are your infrared sauna treatments continuing to assist you in your healing journey?

Absolutely! This is something that I do every day, as it is physically helping toxins to get out of my body.  I love my sauna! It remains an important part of the healing process for me.

What improvements have you noticed so far?

Let me count the ways we have already seen healing happening here through limbic system retraining!

  • I have been eating more foods!  In the last three weeks, I have added lime, lemon, olive oil, rutabaga, cocoa powder, vanilla, stevia, black cumin seeds, chia seeds, ground beef, dill, spicy mustard greens, homemade almond milk, homemade chocolate, cumin, turnip, parsnip, cinnamon, coconut milk, orange, chicken, and plantain! That is adding more than one food per day for the last three weeks of limbic system retraining! WAHOO! This has more than tripled my food options!
  • I am sleeping better.
  • I am starting to drive us around town to do errands together with Travis. In the past, extreme dizziness and exhaustion have been a limiting factor for me driving.
  • I have taken walks by myself and explored the nearby state park more.

Here are some photos of things that have been joy to me recently:

Homemade chocolate! (I actually thought that I didn’t like chocolate anymore, but once I began working on my limbic system retraining steps, my delight in chocolate returned!)

Going into stores without a mask! Driving with Travis!

Taking walks!

The DNRS program is a six month commitment to daily limbic system retraining. I am really looking forward to updating you along the way! Join us as the snail pace picks up speed! Here we go!

How can people pray for you?

1. Please THANK GOD for the success we have already seen! Yahoooooo!

2. Pray for success and a complete recovery from chronic illness and food sensitivities! Pray for new, beautiful, healthy neural pathways to form in my brain through DNRS, and for the toxins to be taken out of my body via the physical treatments I am doing.

Whenever you eat a delicious food, you might decide to hold it up as a prayer to God and ask God to add it to my diet.  I have surely missed foods of all kinds, so hold up your pickles, eggs, sandwiches and casseroles and ask that they will swiftly and surely become part of my diet soon! This seems a joyful prayer to me!

With love and much joy,

Mariah and Travis

“Gladness and joy will OVERTAKE them.  Sorrow and sighing will flee away!”  (Isaiah 51:11)

If you saw the video we posted in a previous blog about the snail’s pace of my health, maybe this will be an encouragement to you of what the present pace of my healing is. Not bad, eh? 🙂


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  1. Have you researched Eye Movement De-Sensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment for past trauma? It’s based on the same principle you describe here. Also, I wonder if you have researched deep relaxation techniques for dialing down the brain.


    • Hi Chris, yes, Mariah has done EMDR a few times before and had great success with it. She also practices a lot of deep relaxation techniques! Thanks for the suggestions! Also, thanks for your comments on my post about your writing practices during your dissertation process. Certainly a unique approach!


  2. Such terrific news friends! I posted on the “reply” section of your post; not sure which is the best way. John (for Sharon)


  3. Doing the happy dance for you over here in Zeeland, Michigan! We will continue to pray for patience, strength, and complete healing!!!!


  4. So wonderful to meet you today, Mariah! Your work with limbic system retraining is fantastic. I learned about the limbic system in Brooke West’s restorative yoga classes and now take yoga blankets with me everywhere to provide limbic system support and comfort. It has been a huge help. 🙂 May you continue to heal and find comfort in your journey. I look forward to meeting Travis and seeing you both at the pirate wedding! To your good health and happiness. Hugs, Judi

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