Goodbye, Prescott.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”  -Rumi


Thank you for standing alongside us on this journey.

We, together with our realtor, looked in Prescott, AZ, at rentals today.

Nothing worked.

They were either water damaged, in a construction zone, right near power lines (EMFs can really affect the immune system of CIRS patients), in the middle of a busy neighborhood, or priced too high.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

So, as Rumi invited us to do, we will sell our cleverness and buy bewilderment.

We leave Prescott in faith and in trust that the Lord has a different place for us.

We are not back at square one, for we have learned so much already, but there is much more to learn. Tonight we sleep in a hotel, with a bed, in the city.

Tomorrow we will consider whether an RV might be an option for us while we are in Arizona. Typically, RVs are very challenging to keep mold-free and they are built of highly toxic materials, so please pray however God leads as you pray for us.

Still we trust that “gladness and joy will overtake us. Sorrow snd sighing will flee away.” (Isaiah 51:11)

With Trust,

Mariah and Travis

(The photo above is from our drive back down the mountain.)

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

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  1. In case it would be helpful, this is a review of an option for camping: I got a 2010 model (with aluminum walls instead of the Azdel) in Feb. 2012. Unfortunately the newer models have Azdel walls. I do not know if it would hurt to cover the walls with foil–my concern would be condensation trapped and mold risk. ? You might be able to ask them to do custom aluminum walls like the old ones??? We covered the Formica countertop and table, and plastic fridge front, with foil tape/aluminum foil. This blocked most of the off-gassing except for the inside of the fridge. Also covered the rubber inside around the windows with the foil tape. We removed all cushions, window shades, and window screens and wiped the whole thing down afterward (walls, cupboards, ceiling, floor). (I cut up an old cotton sheet for curtains 🙂 , hung them with pieces of cotton string across the top, and eventually hubby cut pieces of metal screening to fit windows.) We kept the bathroom door cracked and the bathroom fan on (drawing air through and out) for hours and hours to help the bathroom plastic off-gassing get out. Also replaced shower hose, and I did not use the bathroom for the first 3 months. My model did not have propane. (I can’t be within a couple blocks of propane anyway.) We also ended up caulking a lot of the roof because it had some leaks, especially in windy storms. I lived in this for 6 months and did some serious recovery. I went from nearly non-functional and life-threatening problems and literally almost no where to sleep (I can’t be in hotels) to having enough energy to wash my own hair in about 6 weeks. 🙂 Unfortunately, the next summer our unit was accidentally contaminated with herbicide, three major times. (You have to pull it places to dump if you use the bathroom.) We tried everything but were unable to make it a place of recovery for me again. We suspect the herbicide has contaminated the plastic windows and other plastics. It “should have” wiped off all the aluminum, but plastic tends to hold things “forever” and slowly offgas them. 😦 We did think about replacing the windows but felt God leading us to spend our money a different way…. 🙂 And hubby & two kids used it in the meantime. Anyway, praying for God’s leading for you!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (or reply or whatever 🙂 ) Sorry long comment here…. Praying for you!!!


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