The power of dirt.

UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

Dirt is a living thing.

Think about it.  It nourishes plants, provides a home for many animals, filters our water, and it teems with countless microbes!

The experts at Michigan State University say this about dirt:

“Every time you walk on the ground you step on billions of microbes. Microbes live in the soil, on rocks, inside roots, buried under miles of Earth, in compost piles and toxic waste, and all over the Earth’s surface. Microbes are found in boiling hot springs and on frozen snowfields. Microbes live in homes, in schools and on statues…. Each gram of soil may contain up to 1,000,000,000 or more microbes. That’s as many microbes in a single gram of soil as there are people in all of China!
Not only are their many microbes in soil, there are many, many different species of microbes in soil. Some scientists estimate that each gram of soil may contain 10,000 different species of microorganisms! That’s more biodiversity in one gram of soil than all the different types of mammals in the entire world. That’s also more than all species of bacteria than have been cataloged (around 5,000)!” (Dirtland)

What does DIRT have to do with a blog about health and healing?  A whole lot!  

It has to do with probiotics and bacteria and microbes and gut health!  I have tried SO many probiotics over the past 12 years in the attempt to restore my gut microbiome (bacterial environment in the gut).  In fact, many of the probiotics have made me feel worse.  Why would something that I so desperately need (to repopulate my gut microbiome) make me feel worse?  There are reasons.  After doing research and talking with my doctors to confirm my research, it seems that typical probiotic strains can cause lots of issues in the gut. I won’t go into detail now, but it is called “histamine intolerance” or “mast cell activation syndrome”.  This basically means that my gut microbes have a REEEAAAALLLLY hard time digesting many probiotics, fermented foods, and a certain group of foods that are high in histamines (citrus and tomatoes are two examples of high histamine foods).  

The problem isn’t with the foods themselves, or with the probiotics themselves.  The problem is with my gut microbes.  They need to be restored and diversified and repopulated.  


What you see in my hand in the photo above is not dirt, but a supplement based on microorganisms that live in the soil.  These particular probiotics do not cause a histamine issue in people, and can often reinoculate the gut in ways that other probiotics can’t.  I will continue to take the other probiotics, but in a smaller amount.  I still need them, but I can’t tolerate them very well right now.  We continue to press on in hope! 

Do you remember when Jesus wiped MUD in the blind man’s eyes?  This is the power of dirt and mud when Jesus touches it!  When asked, “How were your eyes opened?” the man responded, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes.  He told me to go to Siloam and wash.  So I went and washed and then I could see!” (John 9).  Dirt can heal.  God can use anything to heal our bodies and spirits, even the most basic of elements. 

So when you are out in your garden over the next few weeks, digging in the soil, would you say a prayer for me?  A prayer that God would use the living things of the soil to heal my body and reestablish my gut microbiome! 

As I post this update today, I will be taking my first dose of soil based probiotics.  This will also help with the parasite infection that we mentioned in a previous blog post. It is all interconnected!   Please keep praying!  Cheers!


Test Updates:

ADRENALS:  My adrenal test confirmed that I do need adrenal support, so I will be adding certain supplements to my regime over the next weeks and months.  The addition of each supplement or medication is slow going, as I need to give my body space to adjust to each new thing and then increase my dosage slowly, so the addition of the adrenal supplements may not be for a while.   I’d love to add things quicker, so feel free to offer up a prayer in this regard, as the process is so incredibly slow right now. 

LYMES and MICRONUTRIENT TESTS:  The other test results that I received (Lymes and Micronutrient tests) did not reveal anything to be very concerned about.  I will need to supplement with several micronutirents and vitamins over the next months, that is all.  I will bring all of these test results to Cleveland Clinic in July, in order to have another doctor’s eyes on them.  For now, we can set aside Lymes Disease as a contributor to my health issues.

If you would like to support my healing journey and all that it entails (doctors visits, medications, tests, procedures, and protocols), please visit our fundraising site here:  Mariah’s Medical Fundraiser.  We are about 1/5 of the way to our fundraising goal.  Thank you so much!  If you feel led, please pass on our blog and fundraising site to anyone that may be interested in walking alongside us on this journey.  We would appreciate that very much.

Thank you for walking alongside us on this path.  It means so much to us!

With great love and great hope,

Mariah and Travis

UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, Mariah, so that I know how to pray for you and Travis. Much love to you both.


  2. How interesting Mariah! Thanks for the update….it looks like you are drinking dirt! So sorry. 😱. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Received your RSVP to the wedding. So thankful Travis has been in town to counsel Rachel and Adrian and marry them in July! I will pray you will be strong enough to enjoy their day also.



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