Something is Still Something

UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 


We wanted to give you an update on some developments that have happened in the last week or so. Around the time we published the first page of our blog we received results from one of the tests Mariah recently sent in. The good news is that something was discovered: a parasite. Mariah has a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis. Let’s call him Blasty, for short.

Over the past 5 years or so Mariah has been tested several times for parasites. This is the first time something consequential has been found. Apparently not all parasite tests are created equal. Blasty is particularly difficult to find, and only certain tests even look for him.

Blasty, under the microscope. Thankfully, he doesn't look like a spider-squid-scorpion-alien, but more like a purple soccer ball. Don't let his smooth exterior lull you into apathy, however...

Blasty, under the microscope. Thankfully, he doesn’t look like a spider-squid-scorpion-alien, but more like a purple soccer ball. Don’t let his smooth exterior lull you into apathy, however…

Blasty is a bugger. He is actually quite common in people, but he causes havoc in some people, though in many is asymptomatic. It is very likely that I, Travis, also have Blasty – but he isn’t wreaking havoc on my system like he might be on Mariah’s.

Treatment is difficult to nail down because of the active debate happening over the effects of Blasty, and the effectiveness of various treatments. From what we understand, the treatment will span 3-months and will be a combination of diet (starving Blasty by removing all the things he loves to eat) and herbals. There doesn’t seem to be a statistical benefit to taking an antibiotic over an herbal approach, and both can be hard on the body. Mariah and I will both need to have our livers checked part-way through the treatment to make sure the levels are ok.

We actually do not know what role Blasty is playing in Mariah’s health. It could be an integral part of her root cause(s), or it could not be. There is no way to find out except moving forward with the treatment.

Another development: Mariah had some genetic testing done and it was discovered that she has a mutation of the MTHFR gene. This gene controls the body’s detox pathways. Unfortunately, hers is not mutated like an X-Men character, but the opposite: it barely works.

A third development: more tests and a visit with a new doctor.

Earlier this week Mariah had 3 gallons of blood drawn (kidding!) for a number of different tests: a comprehensive “complete lyme panel” test, a micro-nutrient test, some Epstein Barr tests, a rheumatoid panel and a few other vitamin tests. Mariah also sent in a comprehensive adrenal test this past week, to see how her adrenal gland is fairing. If that is not well, it will be the first thing her doctors want to target before taking up Blasty.  She has done many adrenal tests in the past, but this one is supposed to really pinpoint what stage of adrenal fatigue she might be in.

The routine blood work came back normal. We won’t get the Lyme results, the micronutrient results, or the adrenal results for a couple weeks. When we get all of those results in Mariah’s doctors (she has 3 doctors who are keeping close tabs on her and working together to devise the most appropriate and effective care possible, a professional collaboration Mariah initiated recently for which we are deeply, deeply grateful) will determine together what the best way forward is.

Final bit of news: we got a call today that there was a cancelation tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 9) with a specialist Mariah was scheduled to see in two weeks. Yay for an early appointment! We hope she will help us learn about how to tackle Blasty, Mariah’s genetic detox deficiency (MTHFR), and a number of other things.

We will try to post an update sometime after tomorrow’s visit to let you know what we discover. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey – your support, prayers, comments, emails, and texts have meant the world to us.

I’ve tried to achieve a fairly up-beat tone in this update, but please pray for Mariah’s body and for our spirits. Today was a rough day for her and we never really can pinpoint why.

UPDATE: Please go to this link to read how I have recovered my health using The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)! 


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  1. Travis,
    This blog is a great idea! I’m sure writing is a good way for you and Mariah to keep track of the details while keeping friends and family apprised at the same time. It also gives us specifics to keep in our prayers. Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Praise God that things are finally being revealed! I pray for God to continue to grant you both strength and teach you both many beautiful things on this painful journey! Trust in Him, He will sustain you! And this takes faith, not sight. 🙂 Someday you will look back and see. Love you, Mariah!

    Liked by 1 person

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